Registration BOSK 2021

Registration to BOSK events is mandatory for participation on-site.

The registration to BOSK 2021 is closed. More than 800 people participated – we thank everybody for their contributions.

COVID INFO: To participate in on-site (indoor) events you need to be in possession of the so-called EU Green Pass (Italian pageEnglish page), or an equivalent certification from the EU Zone, Schengen Zone, Israel, Japan, Canada, or USA. A Green Pass, lasting 48 hours, can also be obtained after testing negative in Italy.
More COVID information can be found on the BOSK 2021 main page.

Some events at BOSK happen in hybrid mode (on-site and online) and others virtual (online-only). Note that in all cases and for all events, online participation is completely free.

Note that all BOSK events can be registered for on this page except IEEE-CBI which has its own CBI registration system here (closed).

Registration Options: The overview on the main page shows when events happen and whether they are hybrid (green) or online-only (orange).

If you exclusively attend online-only, please just select in the registration the events you are interested in and be careful to select the online option. All registrations include the option to register for free to IAOA, the International Association for Ontology and its Applications,

If you plan to travel to Bolzano, consider which days you want to attend. The main options are

  1. BIG: All of BOSK or more than one major event: then get the golden ticket.
  2. MEDIUM: One specific ‘extended’ event (FOIS, ICBO, SWODCH), then get the corresponding on-site ticket and add online options according to your interests. Conference tickets include all conference-affiliated workshops and tutorials.
  3. SMALL: One or two specific workshops or tutorials: then get the 1-day or 2-day workshop ticket.

Proceed with BOSK 2021 Registration

Cancellation policy: late cancellation of on-site registration is possible until September 3 with a full refund except for a cancellation fee of Euro 40.

Options and fees
(Please note that on-site participation is limited due to Corona limitations, so register early. Early Registration will end August 27, after which all main fees will be raised.)

BOSK 2021 golden ticket
participate in all on-site events – €450 (regular); €290 (student)
Includes free participation in conference dinners (ESAO/ICBO-FOIS/SWODCH)

FOIS, 13-17 Sept. 2021
participate on-site FOIS + workshops/tutorials – €340 (regular); €200 (student)
Proceedings author 2021 publishing fee – €150
Includes free participation in ICBO-FOIS conference dinner.

ICBO, 15-18 Sept. 2021
participate on-site ICBO + workshops/tutorials – €340,00 (regular); €200,00 (student)
Includes free participation in ICBO-FOIS conference dinner.

JOWO, Sept. 13 / 15 / 17 / 18, 2021
1-day ticket for any workshops/tutorials – €120 (regular); €100,00 (student)
2-day ticket for any workshops/tutorials – €240 (regular); €200,00 (student)

ICCS, 20-23 Sept. 2021
ICCS 2020 – online – €0,00 (free)

IEEE CBI 1-3 Sept. 2021
Use the decidated IEEE CBI registration page
CBI 2021 – online – €0,00 (free)
Proceedings author 2021 publishing fee – €150

CARLA, 16-17 Sept. 2021
CARLA 2021 – online – €0,00 (free)

ESAO, 10 Sept. 2021
On-site – limited participation numbers – €0,00 (free)

SWODCH, 20-21 Sept. 2021
participate on-site SWODCH – €120,00 (regular); €100,00 (student)
Includes free participation in SWODCH conference dinner.